"Road Maps" (Literacy)

Road Maps is a program that improves individual literacy through reading, writing, and math enrichment activities. Students will have access to a variety of STEM publications, for both reading and writing activities that  bring about awareness and understanding of STEM. Math literacy is also reinforced through puzzles, games, and word problems.

"Forensics Formulations" (STEM Appreciation)

Students take a closer look into innovative curriculum that offers hands-on training in crime scene investigation techniques and crime lab methodologies. These activities are designed to provide exposure to forensic laboratory tests, Forensic Chemistry and Biology, Trace analysis and physical evidence analysis, Professional ethics and quality control.

“Sustainable Pathways” (STEM Appreciation)

A collegiate approach for students to explore the avenues in which STEM affects our daily lives and environment. This component includes experiments and research that brings the individual through inquiry based learning and the scientific research method, as well opportunities to showcase their understanding.

“Building Life Skills” (Literacy)

Building life skills is about understanding how to make good decisions, build social networks, and serve the community. This strategy helps to cope with everyday life demands and become independent leaders.

“Fast Facts” (Literacy, STEM Appreciation)

Fast Facts is a message board that recognizes the individuals and events that have impacted the fields of STEM, and it covers current advances in STEM on a range of information pertinent from food, housing, health, energy, climate change, to computer science. The message board will also include a word problem, or riddle, of the day as to engage the reader into taking on mathematical considerations based on the information presented throughout the Fast Facts.

“Past Perspectives, Future Directives” (Civic Engagement)

A mentorship opportunity for individuals to engage in dialogue and appreciation for the transformation of the community from past to present with members of the STEM field.